Timely Tips


Cautionary Tale: Use Safety Equipment Properly

Using safety equipment is important. But using it properly is even more important, as Allan McPherson of R.T. Warwick Construction almost found out the very hard way. “Years ago, during an interior reno on an old two-storey farmhouse, the homeowner asked my boss to check for a leak around a chimney on the roof. I volunteered to climb the steep, slippery roof with a belt-type safety harness and a rope thrown over the peak to a secure anchoring spot. My boss assured me the rope was safe, as he had tied it to the bumper of his truck.” “I was halfway to the peak when I heard the truck start. My boss had left the keys in the unlocked truck and the near-sighted homeowner, seeing it parked on his unmarked septic tank, proceeded to move it, not noticing the attached rope.” “My fingers scratched open the belt buckle just in…

Chalk Your Drywall

Work Smart, Not Hard. Paul Gonsalves of PTG Construction in Ottawa shares his tip on highlighting drywall touch-ups before painting. Use chalk to Tint your Drywall Mud. It…

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